Have you realised that you aren’t getting the best from your central heating system?

Maybe you can feel cold patches on your radiators or you can hear strange noises from your boiler or pipes?

The most common culprit of emergency boiler call outs is dirty water in the system. Our professional engineers regularly discover that contaminants from the water supply, rust from corrosion in the metal pipes, and harmful limescale are deposited along the bottom of radiators causing a 65% reduction in hot water flow. This causes an overworked boiler, blocked water circulation to your radiators and ultimately - boiler breakdown.

To resolve your inefficient central heating and high energy bills, you will hugely benefit from a GTS Powerflush. This popular cleansing method can restore your central heating system back to its optimum health and we can complete the process in one visit.

One of our friendly Gas Safe registered heating engineers will perform an initial check of your property’s heating system. Every house is different, so we will need to consult with the homeowner to identify potential highly sludged and corroded areas to ensure the best solution for you.

Fernox Powerflushing Machine

At GTS we have a fantastic brand new Fernox Powerflushing machine. This unit is approved by all major boiler manufacturers including Worcester Bosch and Baxi, and is from a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient products. Fernox were established back in 1964 and have pioneered the development of water treatment products, central heating system filters and plumbing consumables. Not only did the company win Supplier Of The Year 2018 at the Energy Efficiency Awards, but they benefit from 13 Research & Development Technical Centres operating a strict policy of best practice and prohibiting animal testing.

This pioneering Powerflush machine operates at a higher temperature to many others allowing for much faster sludge removal. We can even descale your boiler at the same time. The unit is suitable for Powerflushing any central heating system large or small and there’s no need to worry if your pipes are slightly older, as the process won’t force open any loose joints. The water is simply sent through your radiators at high speed, not high pressure. The removal process is also sped up by award-winning chemicals that lift away the stubborn Magnetite sludge from the bottom of your radiators.

At GTS we pride ourselves in our Powerflushing expertise and ensure that the process is fully compliant with building regulations, whilst leaving your central heating system and your home as clean as possible.

The Powerflush Process

The Fernox Powerflush machine will be connected directly to your heating system (sometimes to the radiators or across circulator pumps). Next our heating engineer sends high velocity water at low pressure through the system, to dislodge and remove rust, oil, limescale, debris and the sludge build-up.

To ensure that each radiator is cleaned out thoroughly, we usually isolate them and cleanse each one at a time so that they are completely blockage free. The reverse flow of the device is powerful enough to dislodge the silt, limescale and oil found in the radiators. Once all of the stubborn debris is lifted, fresh clean water is then pushed through to empty out the waste water and completely rejuvenate the water circulation.

To increase the lifespan of your entire central heating system your GTS heating engineer can also add a specialised inhibiting agent to keep any damage and corrosion at bay, maintaining the efficiency of your system. Our customers can typically expect the lifespan of their system to have increased by up to 10 years.

A typical Powerflush of a 3 bedroom house can take around 5 hours. One of our fully trained and qualified engineers will be able to discuss the bespoke timescales and process needed for your own property.

Powerflushing Benefits:

  • Improved heat distribution through central heating resulting in hotter radiators
  • Your rooms will warm up faster, thereby using less energy
  • Extended boiler life
  • Increased reliability from your whole central heating system
  • Lower energy bills as water fully circulates through the system as normal
  • No unnecessary noise from boiler and pipework
  • Clears all debris whereas a permanent magnetic filter only catches the few particles that are in circulation through the water and not already deposited

Our experienced heating engineers recommend Powerflushing your central heating every 5- 10 years maximum, depending on the hardness of your water, your type of radiators and boiler.

Don’t wait to book your Powerflush with GTS. We all know that emergency repairs are never cheap, so don’t leave it until it’s too late. If you are fitting a new boiler it is essential that you carry out this cleaning treatment. In fact we won’t install a new boiler without Powerflushing your old system as it can invalidate your warranty. A Powerflush is certainly a much more viable alternative to having a whole new heating system installed!

The professional team at GTS look forward to giving you a no obligation quote for Powerflushing your home in Middlesbrough & surrounding areas today.