OFTEC Registered

OFTEC Registered heating installerOFTEC's is a register of technicians employed by oil, solid fuel and renewable heating businesses.

A heating installer registered with OFTEC carries out their work in accordance with the building regulations and approved industry standards of the country in which they are based.
We are authorised to self-certify that our installation work complies with the regulations without needing to submit a building control notice.
This means that a site inspection by a local council building control officer, or a private approved building inspector, is not required, saving our clients time and money.

GTS are inspected regularly by OFTEC to ensure our work meets the required standards and the business must also pass an audit.

Being OFTEC registered means GTS servicing follows a set of procedures that are designed to ensure that all aspects of our clients heating system are checked and maintained in accordance with industry and manufacturers' approved standards.

Employing an OFTEC registered business for the installation and maintenance of your heating equipment is the best way to ensure that your system will continue to run safely and efficiently.